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Affinity Photo Layout for Beginners (2020) | Pro Photo Vector

In this Affinity Photo tutorial, I provide an in-depth look at all 8 main areas of the layout and discuss the features of each section. I define “Personas,” an important concept for Affinity Photo, and also show how the dynamic layout changes based on the Persona you have active. This is a great low-cost photo editor that is just as good as Photoshop!

Beginner photographers and photo editors will love this program and this channel.

Check out the article version of this tutorial:

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – The 8 Main Layout Areas
1:36 – Menu Bar
3:40 – Persona Toolbar
6:58 – Toolbar
12:52 – Context Toolbar
14:06 – Tools Panel
15:51 – Document View
16:53 – Studio
20:59 – Status Bar
22:09 – Adding Additional Studio Panels
23:20 – Final Thoughts

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